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About Us

Our Committee is formed of the Officers elected at our AGM and Delegates elected by the clubs who form the Association as a representative on the committee. The Officers comprise of our President, Senior Vice President, Junior Vice President, Secretary (Safeguarding), Treasurer, Fixture Secretary, Match Secretary, Competition and Interclub League Secretary, Immediate Past President.  There is also a committee member responsible for the supply and distribution of our County shirts

The member clubs are Barwell, Carlton, Charnwood, Church Gresley, Leicester and Melton & District IBCs. (Full information on Club page.)

The Delegates role is to liaise between the club and the County Committee.  Anyone interested in playing for the County should introduce themselves to their Club Delegate whose contact details can be found under the club information. The Delegate ensures that availability sheets and selection sheets are displayed in her club and that any notices pertaining to the County Association are displayed.  The Delegates from each of the clubs work together to pick the teams to play County Friendly games and are the first line of contact for players.   The Delegates also cover all arrangements for County games being played at their club.


A Brief History of our Association, prepared for our Silver Jubilee in 2014.

A Steering Committee first met on the 23rd of September 1989 to form a County Association following up on an idea from Mary Cox and Mary Bryson of Carlton IBC.  Those involved were Angela Bowness (Chair).  Sue Jones (Secretary).  Wendy Saunders (Treasurer).  Barbara White (Interclub League Secretary).  Cynthia Brown, Clare Cheney, Mary Cox, Jean Finch, Julie Meakin and Vi Morley from the Barwell, Carlton, Charnwood, Leicester and Melton clubs.   Wendy Saunders has been Treasurer of the Association since its conception and continues in that role today.

The first Interleague game was in November 1989.  The Association became affiliated to the EWIBA in June 1990, when the committee expanded to have a Senior Vice President and Junior Vice President and a Delegate from each of the clubs. 

Our Fox logo was designed by Chris Percival and our fox mascot (Freddy) was donated by Joan Haines, both ladies have served as President.  

Our first Inter County game was against Nottinghamshire in February 1991 when a Match Secretary was appointed to the committee.   

County Finals when introduced included Club Winners and Runners up competing for a County Title  however this had to change to Club Winners only in the 1994/1995 season when the Finals were amalgamated with the County Men and time and player duplication presented problems.  County Competitions continue today with Fours, Triples, Pairs, Singles and 2 Wood Pairs being played on an annual basis.

In the 1996/97 season the Midland County Women's Indoor Bowling Association was formed to provide a league giving ladies more competitive bowling.  Leicestershire provided the first President Clare Cheney.    Leicestershire had won this league only once prior to our Silver Jubilee season when to top our celebrations we won it again. 

In 1999/2000 Church Gresley became affiliated to us and in 2001/20 Market Harborough also joined, although sadly they had to withdraw a few years later due to lack of players.

During the 2014/15 season we celebrated our Silver Jubilee and enjoyed a really happy and successful season.   We had two celebration matches both held at Carlton the club of our President Ingrid Turner (who at this time provided Freddy with a new set of clothes) and also that of our inaugural members.   The first match versus the EIBA was on played October 15th 2014 and the second when rinks from the  County Associations within the Midland Counties joined us to celebrate, the day was topped by the presentation of the Marlindy Trophy at the meal that followed.

During the 2019/2020 season we marked the 30 year anniversary with a tour to Somerset led by our President Mary Ronald who had lived in Somerset for 30 years before moving to Leicestershire.  It was with great pleasure we were able to celebrate the 16th birthday of one of our junior players Alice Atkins whilst on tour.