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Match information


Clubs will only offer 1 main meal + a vegetarian option and

a diabetic option for sweet at matches. 

Ladies are reminded that only food purchased at Clubs should be eaten on Club premises – Home & Away.

Emergency Mobiles

The mobile numbers of the Committee are listed for emergency contact prior to a match.

Match Secretary / Captain Marion Matthews: 07541769402

Fixture Sec. Jenny Sutcliffe: 07493458932

Secretary/Safeguarding: Sue Lemon: 07801691375

Treasurer Wendy Saunders: 07754104080

Shirts/Waistcoats Tricia Tams: 07729841804

Competition /League Secretary/ Selector. Sue Rawnsley: 07905428227

President/Delegate Jenny McConnell: 07799005943

SVP Cynthia Stock 07586354032

JVP Pam Rogers 07905 129760

IIP/Delegate Mary Ronald: 07889299877

Delegate /Selector. Jan Elliott: 07887503706

Delegate  Pauline Milner: 07748261288

Delegate Margaret Allen: 07758893701

Delegate Margaret Toseland: 07504239205

Delegate Mary Ronald: 07889299877


County shirts are available in S, M, L, XL, & XXL, XXXL sizes and can be purchased at games.  The cost is £20 The new waistcoats / jackets are available via your club delegate in a variety of sizes & styles, at £7.50 or £8.50.  Badged Players will need to get the badge put on themselves at B&H Melton, and your name can also be put on there.  Contact for shirts is Tricia Tams 01455 844911

Having a full coach is essential, so bring a friend or family member with you when you play.  Free Seat draw on all away games' players and guests.

Bonus Ball Draw-back by popular demand - HAVE YOU GOT YOUR NUMBER?  Every penny we raise helps keep costs down.